A Pennsylvania man is accused of fatally shooting a half-brother with a crossbow during an argument

A Pennsylvania man was accused of shooting his half-brother to death with a crossbow.

Travis Shearer was arrested late Friday night and charged with murder in the death of Eric Miller, officials said.

State police responded to a report of a crossbow shooting at a home in Somerset Township around 8 p.m. and discovered the victim had been “struck with a crossbow bolt,” Acting Somerset County District Attorney Molly Metzger said in a statement Saturday. .

Officials said the shooting escalated after an argument between the two, during which a distraught and apologetic Shearer called 911 to say he needed help because he had just shot his brother with a crossbow, police said in a news release, it reported local television station WJAC.

According to a criminal complaint, Shearer told police that the two men had gone to a bar, where they had several drinks, but then argued about going to another bar.

When they got home, Miller “went crazy” and attacked Shearer, he told investigators.

Miller then began choking him and punching him in the face, Shearer told police. At that moment he ran into the house, grabbed the crossbow and shot his half-brother.

When police arrived on the scene, Shearer was lying on top of Miller, crying.

Doorbell camera footage shows the two men yelling at each other, the complaint said.

However, after examining the video, officials concluded that Miller was not “actively pursuing” Shearer, who was able to “walk away from Miller to the safety of the residence,” state police said.

Shearer was denied bail, officials said, and is expected to appear in court on June 25 for a preliminary hearing.