More women attacked online than men

Fiji’s cybercrime and online safety laws are not enough to protect women and need a major overhaul, says Minister for Women, Children and Social Protection Lynda Tabuya.

She told the Speaker’s Debate in Suva last week that the review was necessary to give the Online Safety Commission powers to investigate and prosecute perpetrators.

“So that the Online Safety Commission is given the power to investigate and prosecute perpetrators, and can do so across international borders when the attackers are in another country,” Tabuya said.

“Every day we see women being attacked online, and there is an increasing trend of extortion by perpetrators against family members who were threatened to pay money or that the perpetrator would post images.

“A woman is attacked online ten times more often than her male counterpart.

“Of course, it acts as a deterrent for women to enter public life, participate effectively in public decision-making, be sufficiently embarrassed in her role and have a path to national leadership.

“Remember, if it can happen to me, it can happen to you. This has to change.”