Ravindra Waikar’s relatives had a phone that unlocks EVM

Police are investigating how the suspect managed to get hold of a phone that received OTP and unlocked the machine

Shivsena’s candidate Ravindra Waikar outside Nesco vote counting center on June 4. File Pic/Anurag Ahire

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During investigations, Vanrai police found that accused Mangesh Pandilkar, relative of Ravindra Waikar – Shiv Sena candidate who won the Mumbai North West Lok Sabha seat by 48 votes – used the phone connected to the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs ). . Police said this mobile phone was used to generate the OTP that unlocked the EVM machine, which was used at the NESCO center on June 4.

Vanrai police also issued a CRPC 41A notice to accused Mangesh Pandilkar and Dinesh Gurav, operator of ENCORE (poll portal) in the Election Commission (EC). The police have now sent the mobile phone to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) to find the data of the mobile phone and are also taking fingerprints found on the phone. According to the police officials, the incident took place on June 4 at the NESCO center during the counting of votes for the Mumbai North West Lok Sabha constituency.

Speaking mid-day, Senior Inspector Rampiyare Rajbhar of Vanrai police station said, “We have sent the mobile phone to the forensic department which will examine the call records. We also check whether the mobile phone has been used for other reasons. have recorded the statement of the other candidates and a notice has been sent to the accused Mangesh Pandilkar and Dinesh Gurav. They will have to come to the police station for the investigation. If this stops, we appear to be working with us for the time being and will issue an arrest warrant.”

According to the police officials, the FIR was registered by the Election Commission officer at Vanrai police station on June 14 on the complaint received from candidates contesting the seat with Waikar, Arora and Bharat Shah. A police officer said, “Now we are looking at CCTV cameras of NESCO center which can help us find out how the mobile phone entered the center. We are also investigating the angle of whether there are more suspects involved in this crime or to find out to find out who supplied this mobile phone.”

What happened?
On June 4, the incident took place at the NESCO center during the voting day, and Ravindra Waikar and candidate Amol Kirtikar were present. Police also found that there was Electronic Transmitted Postal Voting System (ETPBS) for service voters, which is also used after using EVM machines. To unlock the postal voting system, Gurav used the same mobile phone and generated OTP. During the counting of votes through the EVM machine, candidate Amol Kirtikar was ahead, but when the votes were counted on the electronically transmitted postal voting system, Kirtikar lagged behind and eventually lost the race to Waikar.