Ways to support men’s mental health

June 15 – June is Men’s Health Awareness Month. Operation Red Wings Foundation offers five ways to eliminate the stigma surrounding men’s mental health.

1 Normalize therapy.

“Normalize therapy by talking about your experiences with it (and of course by seeing a therapist yourself). Talk to your male friends and colleagues about the benefits of therapy and consider recommending it to men who are struggling.”

2 Show clear and obvious support.

“If a man in your life is going through a hard time and it’s not being well received by other men, be the first person to show support. You don’t have to wait until you have a private conversation.”

3 Encourage men in your life to open up.

“If a man in your life, especially a veteran or a first responder, is upset about something, don’t brush him off. Ask him about it. He may not be open to conversation right away, but this will let him know that someone is interested has for his thoughts.”

4 Support groups.

“You might also consider support groups for men who are struggling during or after their difficult careers. Support groups may seem more accessible.”

5 Talking about men’s mental health is important.

“We need to break the stigma against talking about mental health for men if we want a healthy and open society. Men experience trauma, anxiety and even serious mental health issues. Therapy is for anyone who needs it, regardless of their gender.”

–Gina Foster