Sonakshi Sinha Wedding: Daisy Shah Attends, Reacts to Shatrughan’s ‘Children Don’t Ask Permission’ Comment

Bollywood actress Daisy Shah confirmed that she has been invited to Sonakshi Sinha’s wedding to Zaheer Iqbal, which will take place on June 23. The Race 3 actress revealed that she knew about Sonakshi and Zaheer’s wedding. She confirmed that she is one of many people who received the quirky wedding invitation, which eventually leaked online and went viral. In a recent interview, Daisy praised the couple for the unique wedding invitation, adding that it echoes Shatrughan Sinha’s viral comment that “kids these days don’t ask for permission.”

Speaking to Instant Bollywood, Daisy said, “Those who knew (about Sonakshi and Zaheer’s relationship) were not shocked. I’m that kind of person.” She added, “I really enjoyed it. It’s not a typical wedding invitation. It had a snowy background. It’s very modern and fresh. As Shatrughan Sinha ji rightly said, ‘Aaj ke bachche inform karte hai, permission nahi lete’. Their wedding invitation fully justifies this statement,” she said.

Last week, Sonakshi’s wedding invitation was leaked online. The wedding invitation also includes an audio QR code with a sweet message from Sonakshi and Zaheer.

“To all our hip, tech-savvy and jasoos friends and family who managed to land on this page, hello,” the note began with Sonakshi greeting the guests. “For the past seven years that we have been together, all the joy has been Love, laughter and many, many adventures have led us to this moment,” Zaheer continued.

“The moment we went from being each other’s rumored girlfriend and boyfriend,” Sonakshi said, before Zaheer added, “to each other’s permanent and official husband and wife.” “Finally! This party won’t be complete without you, so on June 23, drop everything you’re doing and come party with us. See you soon,” the couple concluded the post.

Although Shatughan Sinha had said that he was initially unaware of the wedding, he subsequently shared a statement saying that ‘if’ Sonakshi gets married, he will support her decision. Meanwhile, Poonam Dhillon and Honey Singh have confirmed that Sonakshi is getting married and they will attend the ceremony.

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