Kazumi Makes Mainstream TV Debut in Tubi’s “House Of Heat”

Kazumi will make her debut on mainstream television on Thursday in the latest episode of Tubi’s “House of Heat.”

The show stars nine influencers: Jade Ramey, Brandon Karson, Chase DeMoor, Ava Louise, Vinny Buffa, Steph Mi, Nafeesah Terry, Sumner Blayne and Koaty Blayne, who share a mansion while cameras capture their often steamy interactions.

“My whole life, I’ve always wanted to be on TV,” Kazumi told XBIZ in an exclusive interview. “I grew up in Los Angeles, I went to film school, and I’ve even been in two reality porn shows — but I’ve never been cast on mainstream TV because I do porn. Not this year!”

Kazumi’s first episode of “House of Heat” will air on July 11 on Tubi.

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Thanks to: XBIZ